Schuyler Helford is a Los Angeles-based comedic actress (ANGER MANAGEMENT, THE MIDDLE) and writer. She co-created the #Cybriety web series (<--- click on that, it does things) and graduated Bard college, where she studied Theatre and Mandarin Chinese. She is currently doing the improv thing at IO West and the writing thing at the 2017 CBS Diversity Showcase. Her favorite indoor activities are reading the first three pages of books and also making lists. Any kind of lists.


Jimmy Bellinger's acting credits include series regular and recurring roles on Disney's "Liv and Maddie" and "Kickin' It," "The Middle" and "Super Fun Night." He can also be seen in Disney Original movies, "A Smile As Big as the Moon" and "Geek Charming." Maybe just go check out his IMDB page. His favorite indoor activities are taking care of his foster dogs and all of his pets, including rats, snakes, frogs, geckos, hamsters, and other friends.


                  LILY RAINS

Lily Rains performs on stages and screens, doing film, tv and commercials. She loves Epsom salt baths, crafting to audiobooks, and making ice cream. At 8 years old an elf piñata kicked her in the mouth. At 9, a crab bit her toe. Both incidents happened outside. for more things Lily

Eric Hunicutt is a director and actor based in Los Angeles. Recent directing for the web: Squad CarDad on AvailPoor Jerks. Additionally, he's directed live theatre here and there, some short films, solo shows, and sketch & improv comedy. Spending too much time in the house makes Eric a bit loopy, so on Thursday nights he performs improv with the acclaimed ensemble the Reckoning at the iO West Theater in Hollywood. He enjoys pickling (any kind of) food indoors.